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Exquisitely prepared canapés upon arrival. A welcome drink is served with aplomb by our friendly staff. Three courses of the finest dining whilst you enjoy majestic views of the Magaliesberg Mountain range (which is the oldest mountain range in the world!) All under the watch-care of our dedicated crew You would be forgiven for mistaking this for a 5-star resort somewhere in a luxurious destination. And you wouldn’t be too far off. This is the Alba.

fine dining Harties
The Alba fine dining
daily boat cruises Harties
boat cruises Harties
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More than a well-appointed boat

The Alba is a floating cordon bleu exemplar of hospitality. This restaurant on the water is now within arm’s reach to Gauteng dwellers, thanks in no small part to The Harties Boat Company who undertook the gargantuan task of shipping the erstwhile Cape Town commissioned Alba from the Mother City to the Hartbeespoort Dam.

Trekking The Alba across the over 1600km from Cape Town Harbour to Harties Harbour took no less than 2 months of meticulous planning, grueling engineering, relentless execution, and the Grace of God to accomplish. And Grace it was indeed as the 42-meter-long vessel made it without so much as a mishap. Thanks must also go to all the municipalities that rendered their unmitigated support as the abnormal load shipped through their respective precincts.

This of course was just part of the arduous journey to a successful launch. The Harties Harbour itself, where the the Alba will be moored, had to be retrofitted with a new pier to cater to the requirements of the new craft at dock.

Hartbeespoort boat cruises
boat cruises Harties

And while the sun set on The Alba’s Season in Cape Town, as sure as a new day, the same sun arose in Hartbeespoort Dam. An irony, as the very name itself, Alba means sunrise in Italian.

awesome views of the Hartbeespoortdam

Well, how about 300-degree views of the glorious Hartbeespoort Dam? And this, not just in one position, the Alba offers 2-hour non-stop tours around Harties, with no boring idles mid-lake.

Over 70 patrons can enjoy the ritzy, leather-ceilinged spacious main dining area that is punctuated by wrap-around glass walls. Yes, you read that right, glass walls. And should they wish to soothe their parched throats, The Alba features a fully stocked bar with the aforementioned views. The Alba’s staff are some of the best in the industry, from the seasoned skippers who had to undergo rigorous training specific to the vessel, through to the waiting staff who all had earned their hospitality chops on land, you can be sure that The Alba team’s priority will be your satisfaction, your smile and your sense of security.

SPECIAL OCCASIONS So, whether you're planning a surprise engagement, wedding reception, a private party, corporate function, or just looking to enjoy the contrasting vistas of the beautiful Dam views and Magaliesberg Mountains from a different yet comfortable perspective, be sure to give Harties Boat Company a call, and book your event on The Alba.

Brunch Cruise

10H00 to 12H00

Lunch Cruise

13H00 to 15H00

Sunset cruise

16H00 to 18H00

You are just a click away from been spoilt on The Alba!

Adult: R795.00 pp

Children 6-12: R595.00